Little Wolf

She wants out. She wants to play today. She is clawing at the surface trying to get out. Whimpering and whining to be free. Her raw lust running deep. She is controlling me today, so when your hand brushes against my throat and you whisper in my ear “Oh, little wolf, are you out to play today?” It is her that whimpers and claws at your hand in response. You chuckle lowly “Look how needy you are little wolf, it’s been a while.” Her eyes darken and a small rumble starts in her chest. I hear your sing-song voice say “Little wolf, Little wolf, come out, come out and play.” A wicked smirk gracing your lips. The lips she wants to devour. She is growling now, letting her desire out in the only way she can. Her growl turns to a yelp when your hand tightens around her throat and you push her against the wall, hard. Switching between growls and rumbles of pleasure, every inch of you invades her mind. You are her only thought as your body pushes against her. Your smell is intoxicating. She is panting, whimpering as your hand explores her body, begging for more. There is no chase this time. She is needy, tamed for far too long. The moment she surfaced she surrendered. Little wolf is most dangerous when she is desperate. You see that in her eyes and you draw power from it as you take her body. Nipping at her neck, certainly leaving bruises that will need to be hidden tomorrow, but neither of you can think of that as lust flows between you. You have moved your hand from her throat, but she says pinned to the wall as if it was still there. Your hand traveling to her ever needy core. “tsk, tsk, tsk so wet little wolf.” you whisper in her ear as your hands tease her. This makes her mad, she doesn’t want teasing today. She pushes you back and claws at your chest, surprised you look up and see fire in her eyes. The woman you know and love gone completely succumbed to the wolf.
“I need more,” she growls out. She is not begging, she is not asking. She is demanding.
“Oh little wolf, you should not have done that.” You chuckle darkly at her spinning her around so fast. Her back is at your chest now. You snarl at her, reminding her of her place, your hand gripping her neck and pushing her forward so she is bent over, hands propped on the wall. Your hand moves weaving its way into her hair, pulling back. The other hand scratching down her back as you enter her, hard and fast. Her hands scrape down the wall, she can’t keep them still has you move faster and harder in and out of her. Both of you releasing your own sounds of pleasure. Her climax is building quickly, growls and whimpers almost indistinguishable as she gets closer and closer. She tightens around as her orgasm builds. She howls out her release all over your cock. But you aren’t done with her yet and she knows that. She’s not ready for you to be done, she is craving everything you have to offer her. Wrapping a hand around her throat and pulling her up you let out a deep growl in her ear, sending shivers down her back. “Such a pretty little wolf when you cum all over my cock.” She whines at the words that send jolts of pleasure right to her clit. She moves a hand to yours covering her throat and her nails digging in scratching down to your wrist. The closer you get to your own climax you start to lose your rhythm. “Cum again with me little wolf.” She nods, it’s all she can do at this point. One. Two. Three more pumps into her pussy and you both release, whimpers and growls filling the air around you both.

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