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Let’s talk about mental health

I want this to be a platform to discuss anything related to mental health. Got questions? Ask them! Want to see a specific disorder discussed? Name it! Want to talk about symptoms and their impacts on daily life? Lets do it! Want to talk about research or history in psychology? Hell yeah! There is nothing off the table when it comes to mental health, the more we talk about it and educate ourselves the better for everyone.

So why mental health? Well, I’ll tell you! It is super important! I know many of us, myself included faced situations growing up where discussing or acknowledging the “crazy” inside our head was frowned upon. And even now that an cause a lot of fear and hesitation to open up. But our mental well being is vital to our overall health. I am sure you have heard it before. But knowing it and talking about it are two very different things. Working in behavioral/mental health skews my view sometimes. I forget that it is not always normal to talk about mental health in an open forum on a constant basis. I want to have a space for myself and others to talk, support, and ask the questions that maybe you are just a little to afraid to ask anywhere else. My goal is to make this a safe place for anyone and everyone who needs a place to land.

With love, Angel

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